"Hannah Lecter"

"Hannah Lecter" by Robert Brandenburg Photograph ~ (image) 3" x 2.75"
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"Hannah Lecter"
Photograph on Paper
(image) 3" x 2.75"


 Here is a birthday card straight from the store shelf - a kid eating a candy bar.

 It wasn't really mentioned in the books or movies, but Hannibal Lecter had, and abandoned a love child. Since the doctor took no part in raising the girl, I think this photo supports the theory for a genetic component to his uncivilized behavior. Little Hannah is already proving herself quite the multitasker; as here she rids the neighborhood of "that mean Billy Lawson" who lives down on the corner, while simultaneously harvesting yet another piece of "fabric" for that special coat she's making... a coat that when finally worn will bring her the rebirth that she knows she needs. Happy birthday indeed, Hannah !



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