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Solo Show at G1988

 A reminder that we're only about a month away from the start of my solo art exhibition at Gallery1988 (their Venice, CA location). The opening will be Saturday, January 7, 2012; from 7-10PM.  The show runs until Feb.4.  Here's a chance to see my disturbingly amusing art all in one place, including unseen new work. There will be laughs, booze, prints for sale, and possibly a midget or Naomi Campbell look-alike. 


For more info, contact G1988:  

Gallery1988 Venice:

214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(424) 238-5988        (424) 238-5988



 Come for the art, stay for the dwarves. 

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Crazy 4 Cult

 I hope some of you get a chance to visit Gallery 1988 (  ,  ) in Los Angeles in July for their big, annual "Crazy 4 Cult" show.  The opening is Friday, July 8 from 7 - 11PM; and I shall be in attendance. I have two pieces in the exhibition, which features entirely artwork based on cult movies. Over 100 artists will be participating.
 The movie industry based website Slash Film (  ) always provides coverage of this annual art show, and is currently running an article about my work.  Look under their "Cool Stuff" tab, or use this direct link to the article:   


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New Blog / New Site

When I'm not painting, I'm tending the fields. The perfect potato is my goal, my dream, my curse.

Hey gang, Larry King here for Garlique ...ohh...hold it...confused...

 Never mind, it's me, Don Roberto the artist. I'm just getting this website up and running, so bear with me during the learning phase. Take a look around and feel free to comment on the site, or tell me something else. You can also leave me an email on the "Contact the Artist" page.

 You can also find me on Facebook:  Click here to go to my Facebook profile page 

 This site is almost ready to be launched...


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