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Robert Brandenburg

Middletown Man of Mystery

Robert Brandenburg - Biography

  Robert Brandenburg's work consists of taking pre-existing 'artwork' and altering it in order to obtain an entirely different effect.
  Solo exhibits have been held at the Middletown (Ohio) Fine Arts Center, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the Dayton Museum of Natural History. Participation in group exhibitions include the Experimental Aircraft Association, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Cincinnati Museum of Natural History, and A.B. Closson Jr. Co. In 2011 he participated in group shows (Crazy 4 Cult 5, Garbage Pail Kids) at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles; and at G1988's Crazy 4 Cult NYC.
  Robert claims to be a genuine graduate of Middletown High School, but cannot provide physical evidence to prove it. The mad art skeelz have been learned the hard way; self-taught.
  Mr. Brandenburg was born in Middletown, Ohio in 1954 and continues to reside there.

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